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MedSci's expertise in scientific research and clinical studies has become the leading academic service provider in China. We expand our expertise to educate in the areas of sci...


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    Professional translation MedSci editing has recruited top quality translators with subject-specific expertise from the top 10 research universities in the US, including Harvard, Duke, MIT, Johns Hopkins...

    Premium document editing MedSci Editing consistently delivers top-quality editing services in medicine and biology field to over 10,500 clients worldwide.

    Standard document editing Medsci standard document proofing is done by two editors working on your document will focus on correcting spelling, grammar, usage and punctuation errors...

    Why choose MedSci editing?

    Editing experience Editing experience
    Our editing experience covers 20,000+ documents, 72 subject areas, 10,500+ clients, 12 countries, and various style manuals.
    Pricing and TAT Pricing and efficiency
    We understand the importance of timely and affordable editorial support. MedSci is recognized globally for its competitive prices and efficiency.
    Quality assurance Quality assurance
    MedSci have over 300 certified editors. We pride ourselves on our stringent quality control (QC) and SOP systems.
    Prompt reply Free evaluation
    MedSci are the unique company to provide the free quality evaluation in two business days. High-quality evaluation will help to choose the appropriate service.