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  • FAQ

    1.What is MedSci Editing?

    Medsci, affiliated to Bioon Group in Shanghai, offers premium quality, English-language editing and translation of scientific and medical articles. Language editing is available to any researcher wishing to improve his or her English regardless of the scientific or medical journal to which they intend to submit (or have submitted) their manuscript; translaion service is available to any author who wants to translate their Chinese manuscript to native English for publishing.

    2.Who will do the editing and translation?

    All editors are native English speakers and have or are working towards a PhD from one of the top worldwide universities, covering a wide range of scientific disciplines. Only the most subject-suitable editor will edit an article. All translators are native speaker of the original language of the paper (Chinese) and have the same experience and background as our editors.

    3. I'm interested in using your services, what is the next step?

    The next step is to send your manuscript to editing@medsci.cnor upload it online to receive a detailed service proposal, and when necessary, our initial scientific review comments and service recommendations.

    4. How much does this service cost?

    Our prices depend on the length of your document and the turnaround time you request, please see the prices.

    5. What sorts of changes will editors make to articles?

    Articles will be edited for spelling, grammar and sense, for clarity, and for improper use of language. Read more about our editing services here.

    6. Will editors edit for scientific accuracy?

    No. Although our editors do have a scientific background and may occasionally point out what they believe are content-related problems, they will not research or take any responsibility for content. Responsibility for scientific accuracy, logic, flow and all other aspects of content lies with the authors and peer-review process.

    7. How long is the turnaround time and is there an expedited service?

    For information on turnaround times, please go to pricing.

    8. How do I upload my manuscript?

    First create an account and determine your user name and password (existing customers, please login). Then select 'Upload a manuscript' and follow the steps to upload your document, tell us about any special instructions and select your type of payment. Certainly, you can also send directly the manuscript to our editors email:

    9. Do I need to upload my manuscript for a price quote?

    No. Our fixed prices are based on word counts and turnaround times, so when you use our service, you know exactly how much it is going to cost depending on your document word count and how soon you need the edited document. For more information from our quick-guide pricing tables, please go to pricing.

    10. How do tables, figures and references count towards the word count? How is the word count of my manuscript determined?

    To find the total word count in a Microsoft Word document, first take out the list of contributors and references, and then use the word count feature in Microsoft Word (under 'Tools'). References and tables are not counted when determining your word count; however, our editors will edit the figure legends when included with your manuscript. We will edit your entire document (except references and tables) unless you give us special instructions stating otherwise. The word count will be verified by the assigned editor and you will be contacted if there is a discrepancy which changes the price (increase or decrease).

    11. What file types do you accept?

    We accept files in most electronic formats (docx, doc, rtf, txt, pdf, etc), however, translated and edited documents will be returned as Microsoft Word documents (doc or docx).

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