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  • Customer testimonials

    C. Yang · China

    I have just started using MedSci Editing for my manuscripts recently. I think MedSci Editing service is the best of all language editing services. I have ever experienced.

    K. Hu · China

    Many thanks for you editing service. It will be very helpfull for me.

    M. Chuang · China (Taiwan)

    I used MedSci service for the grant proposal in medical bioscience was fantastic and I am very happy about the service. Here, I am sending another manuscript to be edited by MedSci Editing and I am sure they will do a great job for R&D study again.

    R. Wu · China (Taiwan)

    I highly recommend MedSci service, it provides efficient and accurate service, and I can learn very much from their revise comments.

    O. Imtokmi · Japan

    I used an MedSci Editing service for the second time. I totally consented to every revision and suggestion in a manuscript. I am satisfied with your service and I will choose your service after this. Thank you for your help.

    W. Daisuke· Japan

    This is my first time to use MedSci editing. My manuscript returned just in 6 days, and it was accepted very soon!

    X.Zhu· China

    Recently, we are using MedSci Editing for our manuscripts. Now our manuscripts have been accepted in Journal of Neuroscience. Their prices are also reasonable. Their service is high-quality. Thus, we highly recommend them.

    K. Zhou · China

    I am great surprise! My paper was accepted by a high IF journal (IF=5.5) only four days after MedSci polish and publication support service.I could not believe it is true! Medsci service is high-quality. Thus we highly recommend them.

    X. Chen · China

    Our manuscript is under revision, and the MedSci Editing service was critical in helping me. Thank you for your help.

    K. Miura · Japan

    I used MedSci Editing for my manuscript last Dec.. The manuscript has been published in a highly respected journal (impact factor 8). Thank you for your help and editing.

    J. Cheng· China

    This is my second time to use MedSci Editing service. My manuscript which was edited by MedSci Editing was already accepted, so I am really satisfied and thank their Editing service. That's why I visit and use here again. I'll use MedSci Editing service again today.They help me and save much time to polish our manuscript. I really recommend MedSci Editing service!!

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