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  • Evaluation and Consultation of Study Design

    Our extensive resources and networks distinguish us in study design consultation and biostatistics. Our Academic Department staff works closely with our Biostatistics Department to advise you on how to achieve your study objectives efficiently and effectively. We have experience in the clinical and ...

  • Translation and Publication of Research Library

    MedSci cooperates with publishing groups both domestically and abroad (such as Springer, Elsevier, etc.), and provide the whole process from translation to publication. We focus in the field of medicine and biological sciences. Your paper will be translated into English by a PhD-level scientist in ...

  • Professional written and listening translation

    MedSci provide services to translate tapes or videos of academic conferences or seminars. Our editors highlight important aspects of each without losing the meaning in its original language. Furthermore, MedSci offers post-lecture academic sessions that provide support after publication....

  • Statistical analysis

    Services include statistical processing and grouping of experimental data, make statistical programs, statistical analysis, make diagram and all related work that would enhance and reinforce scientific finidngs....

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