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 NUOVO CIMENTO B journal profile
Abbr./FullnameNUOVO CIMENTO B     Publication support  |  Impact factors
Il Nuovo Cimento della Società Italiana di Fisica - B: General Physics
Orgnization    ISSN 1594-9982
ProfilePublished by Italian Physical Society. ISSN: 1594-9982.

Il Nuovo Cimento was founded in 1855 by a group of scientists that also sponsored another previous publication called "Il Cimento" which started in 1844 (cover image). In recent years the ever increasing number of contributors induced the Society to subdivide the journal into sections A and B at first, and C and D subsequently, all with monthly interval, except section C which is bimonthly. Starting from January 1999 and 2000, sections D and A of Il Nuovo Cimento joined the European Physical Journal (EPJ), a new scientific publication launched in January 1998 as a merger of Journal de Physique (EDP Sciences) and Zeitschrift für Physik (Springer-Verlag).
WebsiteIl Nuovo Cimento della Società Italiana di Fisica - B: General Physics website  
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