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  • Publication support

    MedSci completes its end-to-end offering in the academic publishing field through its publication support services. As part of the journal selection service, we use online citation indexes and e-databases to handpick targeted journals for your research & clinical studies. In addition, we help you with figure enhancement, journal submission and reviewers’ responses. If you are from China, you can use our publication support system: free of charge. It provides journal information, MedSci index, duration of review process, and submitting experiments. 

    Our Publication Support manager ensures that your manuscript is handled efficiently at all stages. It not only offers convenience but also saves you time.

    • suggest  2-3 journals for your manuscript
    • Figure Design and editing
    • Reference formatting 
    • Journal formatting
    • Write cover letter
    • Journal submission * 2
    • Rewriting responses to reviewer comments

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