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  • Standard proofread

    It’s widely known that sometimes language deficiencies, rather than the quality of the study data, can hurt the research article during the peer review process. So why leave reviewers a substandard impression if such problems can be effectively fixed? Our Standard Proofreading Service helps international researchers eliminate language barriers, and get their work recognized and published in prestigious journals of the world.
    All of our language editors are native English speakers with long-term scientific/technical paper editing experiences. They have professional or educational backgrounds in professional fields. When you choose our Standard Proofreading Service, your paper will be matched with an editor in your field who will fix typos, correct grammar and punctuation, and replace words/sentences with higher levels of appropriateness and clarity. Once your language editor has completed his/her work, your manuscript will be subject to a final round of editing and thorough examination by one of our managing editors to ensure the quality of the deliverable.
    Not only do our editors master the language, their abundant experience in editing journal articles can help you fulfill reviewer’s strictest requirements in scientific presentation. With MedSci, your paper is ready to be presented to the world in flawless and professional English.

    • Quality of language:
    • TyposPunctuation
    • Basic elements of grammar
    • Adherence to conventions (number style, casing, italicization, etc.)
    • Editing by one subject-expert editor Approval by a managing editor A tiered pricing system based on the word count and desired turnaround time

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