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  • Late phase studies

    Our expertise in Late Phase Studies helps demonstrate product efficacy, safety and acceptance. Analyses and publications generated from the validated data from these studies provide critical insight to the real-world use of a product or demonstrate evolving best practice patterns. We creates value in generation of clinical effectiveness data, supports & strengthens product safety profile, provides "real world" clinical and economic outcomes, impacts quality of patient care, integrates clinical safety, optimizes marketing and commercialization aspects of a product, provides insights into new market opportunities, identifies new subject populations & indications, provides competitive positioning, and generates and publishes clinical data on a product to drive market leadership.

    Our services

    • Non-interventional, Observational Research

    • Disease and product Registries

    • Phase IV Clinical Trials

    • Epidemiological Studies

    • Patient-Reported Outcomes/Quality-of-Life Research

    • Off Label indications

    • Investigator Initiated Late Phase Trials

    • Retrospective Data Analysis

    • Cost Effective/ Compliance Studies/ Pharmacoeconomics

    • Product Surveys

    • Comparative Effectiveness & Outcomes Research

    • Site Management (Site Set Ups, Initiation, Recruitment, Documentation, AE Management)

    • Project Management (Protocol Implementation, Timelines, Recruitment Strategies, Placement of Trained Medical Coordinators, Site-Sponsor/ CRO Communications)

    • Monitoring Through an External Agency

    • Detailed Feasibility Reports

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